We are always looking for attractive, gorgeous girls and who are serious about promoting themselves and making money from their endeavours. If you think you fit the bill, kindly complete the registration form, submit to us and we will process your application to register with RedLight SA. If you are a Club and looking to promote your offerings to the public then complete our user-friendly registration form to advertise with RedLightSA. If you want to advertise with us you will need photographs. You obscure your face, which is obviously your decision alone to make, but the photographs need to be of yourself. We cannot and will not accept photographs which purport to be you but are of someone else. The reason for that is glaringly obvious.

Please note the first month is free!

Ideally the photographs should be taken by a professional photographer but that is an expensive proposition and we have created this website in order for you to avoid having to use your hard earned cash. We are happy to use photographs taken by yourself provided they are of the appropriate standard. In this day and age of smartphones there is absolutely no reason why you cannot take reasonable photographs of yourself. We provide you with advice on how to take good quality photographs down below. Please remember that your photographs are there to showcase you and it is important that they are appealing to your potential clients.

Please make sure that you notify us should you wish your face to be obscured. There is a facility on the registration form to do so.


Helpful tips for taking your photographs

We will display 5 photographs of you on your profile which we deem to meet our standards. You may submit up to 10 of your photos and 2 videos of yourself. The balance of the photographs and videos will be available for valued members to view, provided that they are of the appropriate standard.

Anyone can look good in photographs by working out how to pose for a camera. Practicing a few easy techniques will assist such placing your body more effectively, paying attention to the background and the ambient lighting. BUT most importantly pose with confidence.

1.Look at previous photos of yourself to see what was done to make you appear good or bad. Was there a difference? Have a look at your friends photographs to see what they are doing when they looked good. Potential reasons: lighting, squinting/closed eyes, wrong angle, smile, hair/makeup. 2.Practice posing in front of a mirror or camera. Find your best angle or smile. Find out side of your face comes off best. Angle your body-45 degrees to the camera is generally the optimum. Check which side of your hairstyle presents best. 3.Wear the right clothes and clothes that look good on you. Wear flattering cuts for your body shape. 4.Have a natural smile. Don’t force it. Try placing the tip of your tongue on the back of your top teeth when smiling. Practice in the mirror. 5.Get your make up right. Highlight the right areas to make you look good. 6 Put life into your hair. Flip your head over before posing for a photo or run your fingers through it. Lighten up with styling products. Control frizz. Pose your hair. Off your shoulders. In front of you, behind you or over one shoulder. Practice.
1. Tilt your head when facing the camera. Avoid looking directly at the camera. Try looking above or below it. To reduce a double chin, stretch your neck and tilt your chin down ever so slightly. 2. Get the light sorted out. Move around to find the best lighting. Lighting which casts shadows on your face is a big no. Avoid bright overhead sunlight. Try taking photos on a cloudy day. 3. Present your body at an angle to the camera-45 degrees is best. Don’t face head on to the camera. Strike a pose. Hand on hip, angle body, slight face turn to camera. Turn your body so one shoulder is closer to the camera. This helps you look more slender. Remember whatever you position facing the camera will look the biggest. If you want to hide something position it further away from the camera. Pull your shoulders back. Back straight. 4. Position your limbs. Bend your arms and legs, don’t have stiff legs or limp arms. Hold and bend your arms slightly away from your body. Relax and slightly bend your hands. Bend your front leg. Weight on the back leg. Try crossing your legs at the ankles. 5. Take lots and lots and lots of photos. The more you take the better the chances of getting ones you like. 6. Feel confident. Feel sexy. Feel naughty. Bring out your inner Naomi Campbell. Don’t try and be a contortionist but don’t act like a stick. RELAX.


Please note that we are in the business of running a site that visitors will be happy to log onto to find an escort that will meet their expectations. We cannot and are not prepared to accept photographs onto a profile which are a scam. Please note that it is relatively easy to spot a photo which has simply been lifted off a site and presented as yours. Lastly, what is not so easy to deal with, are escorts passing off their associates after a date has been arranged. This will not be tolerated and complaints will be dealt with the appropriate remedy.

There are 2 methods of verification:

1. Upload a photograph of yourself which has not been edited in any manner
2. Email the URL of your Facebook or Instagram profile.

All information and photographs sent to us, which is not to appear on your profile, will be regarded as private by us and will NOT be published.