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We will be publishing articles twice every month. Our articles will consist on informing our escorts, potential visitors, active members, massage girls, guys how to behave.

Hi there and welcome to Redlight SA, which is a new introduction onto the South African escort listing service via the internet, and it is our intention to provide accurate, reliable and current details of the escort or club scene in South Africa.
Whether your are a local or a visitor to South Africa we hope that Redlight SA will become your site of choice whether you are looking for Girls, Guys, Mavens, Masseuses or Clubs for your personal enjoyment.
Most importantly however, and without whom this site will not exist, are the subscribers. We believe that our site is a user friendly and attractive vehicle on which to list your services or amenities. As we are starting out in trying times because of COVID-19 we are acutely aware of the financial consequences this scourge may have had on you, the subscriber. To this end we have set our monthly subscriptions for Escorts at R200 and R250 for Clubs. Furthermore, the first month for any new subscriber will be FREE of charge.
Furthermore we guarantee that the fees above will not be increased for the duration of 2021.
The purpose of running a blog on our site is to generate an audience through posting entries which hopefully are of interest to our subscribers and to our visitors to the site.
There are a number of sites advertising escorts in South Africa and it is a competitive environment and a well engaged and active blog page will go a long way to making Redlight SA stand out from our competitors.
Should you, as a visitor to our site, wish to have an article posted, which you deem to be of interest to others you are welcome to forward it for our consideration and we will post it should it meet the criteria we intend to establish on our blog page.
Thank you for taking the trouble to click onto Redlight SA and we hope that you continue to do so.

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